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JT Defense Return Policy

Thank you for purchasing your product from JT Defense. We are proud to have you as a customer and we love to have new people buy and try our products!

Purchases can be returned for refund within 14 days from date of receipt. Most items purchased online can be returned to JT Defense' main office. Refunds or credits do not include original shipping and handling charges. All items must be returned by UPS, FEDEX, USPS or common carrier with an RMA number listed on the shipping box. To receive an RMA, please email or call us on our technical support line. Please review your packing slip to determine return procedures for your purchase. All items must be accompanied by a copy of the original receipt and must be in the original, undamaged packaging.

No refunds or exchanges are allowed after 14 days (not including shipping time).

If you believe a product you have purchased to be defective and the product is still within the 14-day return period, you may return the item to JT Defense at your expense (JT Defense will not issue a call tag or RTS label).  Call or e-mail for an RMA number on our technical support line.

  • JT Defense will, upon receipt, inspect and test the product.  If the product is found to be defective or not functioning to specification, JT Defense will repair or replace the defective product and ship it back to you at our expense.
  • If the product is returned to JT Defense and found not to be defective and is functioning to specification, JT Defense will notify you. If you want the product returned to you, it will be shipped back to you at your expense.
  • For special grip products, once the grips have been peeled or have been installed on a firearm, we will not refund the cost of purchase, shipping or the product. If you have a problem with installing our grips, please contact us at (707) 832-8098 and we can guide you through installation. We do however, have a repair or replacement policy, which you can purchase a new set of grips. Send us pictures or mail back old grips of destroyed or damaged grip product and we will sell you a new set at very reduced price, plus shipping.

If you believe a product you have purchased to be defective and the product is after the 14-day return period, but within the one year warranty time (see Warranty Policy conditions below) call or e-mail for an RMA number on our technical support line. Then send it to us at your expense.

  • JT Defense will, upon receipt, inspect and test the product.  If the product is found to be defective due to manufacture or material defect, JT Defense will repair or replace the defective product and ship it back to you at our expense.
  • If the item is found not to be defective JT Defense will notify you.  If you want the product returned to you, it will be shipped back to you at your expense.

JT Defense Grip Product Returns:

JT Defense does not offer refunds on damaged equipment or merchandise, period.. If you are ordering a grip product, please be very careful when ordering or specifying the color, make and model of your firearm. We cut each grip per order and once a specific make and model of grip is cut from new material, we cannot "un-cut" it. However, we truly do love our customers and if you email or call us and tell us what happened, we are more than understanding and make you a special deal on a new pair of grips. It has happened to us before, and we completely understand. We have accidentally ordered the wrong stuff online ourselves before and been stuck in a bad situation, with stuff we can't even use. So, due to bad experience with other companies, we don't want to be "those guys" and leave you with useless junk and wasted money. Because we have been treated very un-fairly by companies in the past and know how it feels, we and will go the extra mile, to specifically take care of our customers and go above and beyond. In fact, it's a deal so good, we cannot post it online, as some customers may tend to take advantage of us or our policy. So, if you accidentally order the wrong set, the wrong color or just do not love our grip products, contact us on the Live Chat support form below, or email us. You will be surprised how far we truly go to satisfy our customers. 

Red Dot Optic Mount Returns: We will not accept back any marred or damaged optic mounts for any reason. The specialized coating on our optic mounts is either Anodized or Cerakote finish depending on model, and any damage or scratches to the mount cannot be resold and we will not accept returns. There is no exception to this policy. Our optic mounts are made out of one of the hardest materials manufactured, and they are meant to last a lifetime with normal use. This has been tested to extremes and the mounts will not break, bend or show any signs of wear after extended hard use. Any damage to the mount in any way, whether caused by accident, excessive force, dropping, bending, or any type of modification, will immediately void the warranty and should be replaced. JT Defense optic mounts are specifically designed and manufactured to withstand any type of normal use and abuse possible. We have tested our optic mounts throughout tens of thousands of rounds, along with 5 times the weight of even the heaviest red dot optic. Even with the hardest hitting, heaviest recoiling caliber conversion kits, with slide velocities and g-forces far exceeding anything a normal shooter would ever put their firearm through using calibers such as hot 9 x 23 Dillon, 45 Super, 50GI, 460 Rowland, and a host of other wildcat rounds and after thousands of rounds, found absolutely no change is specifications, stress or metal fatigue whatsoever.

Product and Packaging or Damaged Goods: A minimum 15% "open box" fee of the original purchase price, or, a complete refusal of the package by JT Defense can be charged on any opened item, unless the item is defective and exchanged for the exact same item. The "open box" fee will be assessed at the time of refund or exchange and will be determined by the condition of the merchandise. If the merchandise is not in new or "like-new" condition, JT Defense will not issue a refund and the merchandise will be returned to you at your expense. Items which were scratched, damaged, or show any signs of wear, will not be considered for any refund, regardless of date of purchase. If the product is physically marred or damaged, we will not accept it and no refund will be issued. If all original hardware is not included in the package, we will not accept it for a refund or credit in any way.

 JT Defense will not accept the return of any item if the UPC code has been removed from the packaging or the original packaging is damaged in any way, or missing. If you do not have the original box or it is damaged, please contact us regarding return of the product. No exclusions. When purchasing a product, please keep all original boxes in mint condition for a minimum of 15-30 days. Any damage to the box, returning box without outside packaging or any damage to any of the packaging materials will exclude refund.

Refunds on purchases made with a credit card will be posted to the original credit card used at the time of sale. If a different credit card number is to be credited at the time of refund, the original cardholder will need to contact JT Defense to provide new card information.

Clearance Products
ALL CLEARANCE PRODUCTS (INCLUDING REFURBISHED, NEW, OPEN BOX AND SALE ITEMS) PURCHASED FROM THIS WEBSITE CANNOT BE RETURNED. Clearance items will be noted on the invoice at time of purchase and will have a 90 day warranty period.

Refunds on cash or check purchases in excess of $250.00 will be issued by check from JT Defense corporate office within 10 business days of the return date.

Warranty Policy

New equipment including cables have a one year warranty from date of receipt against defects unless the equipment has been damaged by acts of nature, owner abuse, malicious destruction or anything outside of an electronic failure incurred with normal usage.

Repairs have a 90 day warranty. If the unit sent in is still under its original warranty, then the new warranty is 90 days or to the end of the original one year warranty, depending upon which is longer.

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