FN Five-seven Decal Gun Grips

The FN Five Seven adhesive decal gun grips made by JT Defense, are an incredible addition to your pistol. Even though the 5.7 x 28 is far from punishing with it's recoil, the confidence instilled by the firm grip you are able to achieve, makes the grips one of the best additions you can put on your pistol. Incredible accuracy can be achieved, by letting you focus more on the target and where you want the bullet to go, instead of concentrating on how firm or how loose your grip is on the gun.

The full wrap around and overlapping design of the JT Defense decal grips, and the precision laser cut design, ensure that our grips are the exact same every time.. down to 1/5,000th of an inch. Stress reliefs are added to all our gun grip products, allowing for expansion in certain areas, bending and flexing of the material, and allowing for a perfect installation, while allowing the material to conform to the edges, curves and contours of the gun itself.
JT Defense makes a superior grip product, simply because of the care we take in making sure our grips wrap around key areas of the gun, not cutting corners by cutting them so crude that critical areas of the gun are not left without tape. The seams of the decal grips, meet up in critical areas, keeping you from accidentally getting under the grip tape and peeling it. The adhesive is strong enough, you cannot accidentally lift the tape. In fact, if installed correctly, we guarantee it will not lift or peel.

Tested in water, snow, ice, oil, dirt and just about anything we could test it against, the JT Defense decal gun grips provide years of long life, durability and grip strength that other manufactuers do not have. Our grips are designed to wrap around, eliminate seams that cause problems in other designs we have tried and tested.
Try a set of our Decal gun grips.. if you simply try one set on any gun, it's an item you wonder how you've been shooting all these years without.

If we do not have a set of grips listed on our website, please email us on our contact page, and we will try to make them for you. We have hundreds of designs we either have , or we are making, or we simply cannot get the gun for them.. but we have partner gun shops that allow us to take an imprint of the gun, and computer design them specifically for that firearm.

Test out our grips against the competion. There's a world of difference between the JT Defense Gun Grips and anyone else out there making them. our seamless design is something all other manufacturer's simply do not have!

Price: $16.95
Weight: 2 oz
Dimensions: 6 in × 4 in × 0.5 in