Springfield XD Red Dot Optic Mount - WIDE Slide

Red Dot Optic Mount for Springfield XD 40 and 45 firearms

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New Springfield XD 40 and 45 series Red dot optic mount, allows anyone with a Springfield XD handgun, compact or sub compact frame, to instantly install a red dot optic or reflex sight onto their handgun, with no machining or special tools necessary. 

NOTE: ALL XD MOD2 HANDGUNS, REGARDLESS OF CALIBER, REQUIRE XD OR XDM WIDE SERIES. For XD Mod 2 9mm, XD Mod 2 40 and 45 ACP Handguns, please order the Springfield XD 40/45 series plate on this page. WIDE SLIDE ONLY. ALL XD MOD 2 guns are wide slide.

Red Dot mount fits all XD and XD Mod 2 handguns. This is the wide slide, for 40 and 45. 
Click here for XD and XD 9mm Narrow Slide optic mount

Installing a Red Dot Sight (Optic) on your Springfield XD

This brilliant, patent pending design, allows you to remove your rear striker cover plate, remove your factory open sights, install our 3 part kit (8 parts total including screws) onto your Springfield XD, and instantly open up a new world of instant sight acquisition to your Springfield XD handgun. f

The Springfield XD and XDM series, polymer frame handguns, are popular pistols in the competition, hunting and target shooting community. JT Defense, manufactures a patent pending revolutionary design, allowing you to install, without machining or special tools, a red dot optic on your pistol. The traditional method of installing a red dot, requires you to highly modify your handgun to install any red dot. Fact is, that's a waste, and always had been. Why is this coming out now? Because the owner or JT Defense, has hunted since childhood with handguns, even taking his first deer with a handgun. With newer bullets, modern reliable semi-automatic firearms, and advancements in holographic sights, the ability to instantly put the dot on your target and pull the trigger is a reality, never before possible. The JT Defense SOB Red Dot Sight mount for Springfield XD, is exactly like our Red Dot Optic mount available for Glock , but designed specifically to fit the XD 40 and 45 series pistols. (XD 9mm version coming soon! Subscribe to JT Defense's Facebook page for instant details on new product release) The difference between the Glock and Springfield Red Dot Sight mount, the striker safety hole in the back of the Aluminum Striker mounting plate from JT Defense is drilled, for a factory fit and function in any Sprinfield XD 40 or 45 pistol.

The traditional method of installing a red dot optic on your Springfield, requires that you send your gun out to a gunsmith or custom machine shop, and have your slide permanently cut / modified to accommodate a red dot or reflex optic, or, they require you purchase a simple dovetail design, which is impossible to tighten up, and will come loose with normal use, without even shooting the gun. Just vibration and movement of the pistol, allows the red dot optic to move, or slide around in the dovetail, where the traditional open sights are installed.  We tested the traditional dovetail only mounts over a couple weeks, and every single mount on the market that installs with 2 screws, even if thread locking compound was used, will move. Guaranteed. They also have one other dramatic problem that will not happen with the JT Defense SOB optic mount. The finish on your handgun will rub off using standard screw on mounts. If the finish comes off your firearm, that means your optic mount is moving, grinding grit, dirt or carbon against your slide, causing the finish to basically sand it's way through the firearm finish, permanently tarnishing your gun's finish. Since the JT Defense SOB Mount will not move, your optic stays permanently aligned, and the optic will never lose zero unless you completely remove the mount. Even if completely uninstalled from the firearm and re-installed, usually no more than 1/2 inch adjustment is necessary at 25 yards. The rear Striker safety screw can be removed for general cleaning of the firearm's striker channel when needed. You will not lose zero during this operation. Simple removal of one screw, and the striker mounting plate will uninstall like a normal firearm, allowing you to instantly run a cotton swab down the channel for occasional cleaning. This channel does not normally need routine maintenance, but will collect some soot after 1500 - 2500 rounds depending on the carbon content of your favorite ammunition.

Available in Black Cerakote, kiln baked for 2-1/2 hours, and finished off in a perfect 60% Matte finish, the JT Defense SOB Optic mount for Springfield XD 40 and 45, will look like it came on your firearm from the factory. 

This red dot optic mount, fits all models of Burris Fastfire II and III, as well as Vortex Venom - Vortex Viper red dot sights, EoTech MRDS, Primary Arms Red Dot optics, Docter Optic and many more. No adjustment necessary. Install, remove, re-stall and it will hold Zero with little or no adjustment necessary. Any red dot optic, that fits the standard Burris FastFire II or FastFire III mounting plate, will fit the SOB Mount. We will update this list as we actually find, fit and install these optics on our mounting plate.

Red Dot mounting plate installation notes for ALL springfield models.
Special note to owners of Springfield XD Mod 2. Springfield made the outside measurements for all slide blanks, the same identical dimensions. So, when ordering an optic mount for Springfield XD Mod 2, they are all XD WIDE SLIDE Mounts. Installing the optic mount on the XD Mod 2 is identical.. remove rear sight (Removal tool required) remove your rear striker plate, insert our new supplied cnc aluminum striker insert, install dovetail (yes, it may be tight, but this is correct.. it will still move in the dovetail for centering) install top plate. Insert 3 short, 6-40 x 1/4" threaded alum head screws. Two longer screws are for your optic. Do not use the optic manufacturer's red dot optic screws included. They will cross thread. They are a different thread pitch and will cross thread. the optic mounting plate.

NOTE: WILL NOT FIT Springfield XDM Models with Adjustable rear sights! You need a dovetail, standard rear sight mount to fit this. We will have a model out for XD/XDM with adjustable sights soon. Please contact us for further details..

A word about co-witnessing with red dot optics:
As can be found in our article about Installing a Red Dot on your handgun, we are not a big fan of co-witnessing. With the reliability of modern red dot optics, the extended battery life, and the ease of simply installing a new battery when needed, co-witnessing is not necessary, nor desired for most shooters.
We have found during testing of co-witnessing, that the rear open sight, if left on the firearm, presents not only faster sight acquisition time, but also keeps the focus on the front and rear sights, as well as the red dot, making it more of a hindrance than anything else. 

Price: $99.95
Weight: 3 oz
Dimensions: 3 in × 4 in × 0.5 in