Glock Red Dot Mount - Gen 5 Sight Mount

Red Dot Mount for Gen 5 Glock

Glock has had a long history of precision machining firearms mounts to a high tolerance and keeping things the same, model after model, generation after generation, little has changed. We were shocked when our first customer ordered a red dot mount for their Gen 5 Glock, only to find out it didn't work. So, we tried to hurry and redesign a mount.. only to find out we couldn't....... not yet.
This newly redesigned optic mount, fits all GEN 3, 4 and 5 mounts - Slightly different design works on all models, but best suited for 5th Gen Glock.

JT Defense has been located in California since the company began and it is physically impossible for anyone except law enforcement and government officials to obtain any firearm which is not on the "Safe Handgun Roster". Yes, nobody who lives in California, not even gun parts manufacturing companies can easily obtain a Generation 5 Glock so, we had no way of checking or verifying and nobody had asked. Well, we fixed one of the problems, by relocating the company from California, to our new home, North Carolina. In the middle of this long migration from the far west coast, to freedom, we had to find a way to obtain a Gen 5 Glock for evaluation, engineering and design a red dot mount. After obtaining a firearm and verifying that yes, our original red dot mount for Glock Gen 2, 3 and 4 did not fit, we had to rapidly engineer an optic mount to fit the new Gen 5 Glock. Well, it has arrived with the new Gen 5 Red Dot optic mount from JT Defense! 

Best Red Dot mount for your Glock on the Market - By far!

In the world of Red Dot mounts, performance is measured by your mount doing nothing.. absolutely nothing. You never want your red dot to move, even in the slightest amount. We have fulfilled that goal, with the JT Defense multi-point red dot optic mount. JT Defense is proud to introduce our new red dot (holographic) sight mount, for the 5th Generation Glock. This mount, looks just like all previous mounts, utilizing our well known, patent pending and rock solid, multi-point mounting system, but with just a minor modification to the rear striker insert, to fit the new Gen 5 Glock. Nothing major was done, nope, just a very minor tolerance issue clearing the rear of the firearm, but it was significant enough, that the original mount just wouldn't fit.

After having RAVE reviews, excellent reports and tons of amazing customer feedback on the release of our original SOB Red Dot Mount, the GEN 5 Glock mount fits all Narrow and Wide slide 5th Generation firearms, by simply removing the factory's plastic striker insert and replacing it with our billet aluminum striker insert plate, giving you not only an important multi-point system, but locking your optic to the slide so strong, we guarantee it will never move or even lose zero. Still till this day, we have not had one customer come back to us and inform us that our mount moved and they lost zero. Our optic mount is so strong, it makes all other optic mounts obsolete. The only way to lock a red dot onto your firearm stronger, is to machine the slide, damaging your slide forever. Some people still machine their slide, but with the ever-changing world of optics, technology and the evolution of red dot technology, we still truly believe there's no reason to permanently damage your firearm, just to install a red dot, when our optic mount locks your sight to the slide so strong, we guarantee it won't move.. ever.

The only Red Dot Mount that is better than machining your slide

Since the release of our original Glock Narrow slide mount, we've had dozens of customers email us reporting that their low cost flat plate mount they installed moved, and they'd continuously lose zero, or their optic would fly off their firearm. That's how they found our company, searching for how to fix this problem. It's frustrating, knowing you purchased a flat plate mount from a competitor's website, gone through the tedious process of even using thread locking compound on your optic mounting plate, and having your optic fly off your gun, damaging the optic, or possibly causing injury to yourself or someone else. We have a zero tolerance for this and would never dream of selling a mount that would ever leave the customer flinching each shot in fear their optic is going to hit them in the forehead. This is why JT Defense's SOB Mount, essentially makes all other sight mounts obsolete. Some firearms are sold today, with mounts built right into the slide, but there are potentially millions of firearms designed long before the miniature red dot was even invented that do not have this option, or are even bought brand new today, without a mounting platform for your red dot optic.

Self-Centering Red Dot mount for Glock - Re-Zero's itself automatically

Due to the way our optic mounting plate hugs the slide during installation and self-centers itself on the slide, JT Defense has the only optic mount, which can be installed on a firearm, zero'd at the shooting range, then, later, completely remove the optic mount from you firearm and leave no trace of it ever being installed. Better yet, due to the way our optic mounting plate hugs the curves of the slide, our plate can be reinstalled in minutes, and since it hugs the contour of your slide, it re-zero's itself automatically. No other flat plate mount in the industry has this advantage and why the JT Defense optic mount is hands-down superior to all other optic mounts on the market. 

Our Ultra-thin optic mounting plate design, looks like it is thicker than it actually is. At a mere 0.150" thick, above the slide, our plate mount is the thinnest plate in the industry, almost mounting your red dot directly on top of your slide. The mount only looks thicker from the side view, because you are looking at the overall thickness of the plate, even the part which hugs the curves of the slide. It looks deceiving, but it reality, our mounting plate is very thin, getting the optic as close as possible to the center of the bore axis for downrange accuracy. 

Once you see and feel the JT Defense SOB 5th generation Glock optic mount, you will know you simply have the best optic mount on the market. No other red dot mount on the market has the features, the stability and the rock-solid reliability as the mounts we design, manufacture and sell worldwide.

What Optics Fit on the JT Defense Red Dot Sight mount?

This red dot optic mount, fits all models of Burris Fastfire II and III, as well as Vortex Venom sights, Insight and EoTech MRDS and many more. No adjustment necessary. Install, remove, re-stall and it will hold Zero with little or no adjustment necessary. A variety of red dots are available on the market now, by different brand names. Our optic mount fits most 4 post, 2 screw mounting systems. Coming soon for the Leupold Delta Point!

SOB Optic Mount base plate fits the following sights:

Burris Fastfire II and Burris Fastfire II and III
Vortex Venom
Vortex Viper
Primary Arms

--this list will be updated periodically as more information is obtained.


Price: $99.95
Weight: 3 oz
Dimensions: 2.1 in × 3.1 in × 0.135 in
Select a slide model (wide or narrow)