Glock Red Dot Optic Mount for Gen 3 and 4 models

Red dot optic mount for Glock

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New Revolutionary design, allows you to instantly and securely mount a red dot or reflex sight onto your Glock, or any polymer pistol*, without having to send your gun out to a gunsmith or custom machine shop and have your pistol permanently modified to install an optic. Installs instantly on all Glock wide or narrow models (Choose model below) for all Gen 1, 2, 3 and 4 Firearms. Instantly and securely adapt all Vortex, Burris and Burris Fastfire II or III compatible miniature red dot optics to your firearm. This unit is literally the best way to mount a red dot onto your Glock, without modifying or even so much as marring the finish on your firearm. Allows for instant removal and easily returning your gun to stock. Very important for those who do not want to destroy their firearm's finish, or purchase a custom slide, costing hundreds of dollars more. Rave reviews regarding our optic mount are flooding into our email and social media. We will soon be listing a full catalog of customer's firearms, on our website. 

Mount a red dot on your glock, without tools or machining

** This particular model sight mount, is designed to install a red dot, Burris Fastfire II or III, Vortex Venom or Viper (same pattern), Insight and EoTech MRDS, Docter Optic, Primary Arms Reflex, or a host of other optics, onto any glock, wide or narrow frame pistols. This is the most reliable and economical way to mount a red dot sight on your handgun. Other mounts available and coming soon!

Have a Trijicon RMR? JT Defense, just released the new Trijicon RMR mount for Glock, allowing you to easily, painlessly and most important, Reliably install a Trijicon RMR on your Glock handgun in minutes. Visit our Trijicon RMR Mount page! Don't machine your slide, just to install a Trijicon RMR red dot on your handgun. 

Makes the possibility of extremely accurate pistol shooting and/or hunting a reality, with a simple screw-on installation. This new revolutionary design, literally makes all optic mounts obsolete with simplistic design. No machining necessary. Stop screwing up your pistol, cutting the slide and permanently modifying your gun.

JT Defense | Glock Red Dot Mount

Don't want to send your slide out to a gunsmith and have your firearm destroyed? We didn't either. Why modify your gun, cut your slide, permanently modifying it to accept a brand specific reflex sight, only to find out 5 years down the road, that the optic manufacturer changed the design, or went out of business, leaving you with a huge problem, replacing your slide, or living with a huge path cut into the top of your slide.

Born out of necessity to use a red dot sight on a personal firearm, wanting extreme accuracy, but unwilling to send our gun out to be permanently modified for a red dot optic, the new patent pending S.O.B. Mount (Sight Optic Base) from JT Defense, allows you to put an ultra-sturdy, 3 point mounting system onto the rear of your pistol, allowing for easy mounting of a Burris FastFire II or FastFire III, as well as Vortex Venom optic, Primary Arms Reflex, Docter Optic, and any sight that adheres to the standard Fastfire mounting dimensions. This design required 1-1/2 years of design, going through the patent process, ensuring reliable functioning, which we have FULLY tested it to the extremes to ensure 100% reliability with optics mount and sight installed. 10,000+ rounds of 45 ACP and 10mm, 9mm and 40 S&W out of a Glock 20, a 21 and various other Glock calibers, and the slight added weight of the optics mount only seemed to increase reliability of the Glock itself.

Other mounts in the industry, only have a single mounting dovetail or require you to send your slide out for modification. The cost of this process alone is $250 - 400 for machining or replacing the slide with a new one, potentially affecting reliability. The S.O.B. Mount, allows you to mount any red dot or reflex sight to your polymer pistol in minutes, no special tools required.

The striker plate on the back of the pistol, along with the existing dovetail, and the patent pending JT Defense Optic mount, when installed on a polymer pistol, lock together to create an extremely sturdy, reliable platform for mounting, that will not lose zero. In all of our testing, after initial sight-in and getting the red dot zero'd with the pistol, the Red Dot optic mount would not lose zero. Even through repeated drop testing, the sight stayed true, on target and ready to go. 

Cleaning of the pistols is not an issue. With the optic installed, simply remove the screw from the rear of the SOB mount, and the striker back plate can be removed, allowing you to fully clean the inside of the stiker channel for routine maintenance. Reinstalling is a simple reverse process, and once the screw is tightened in place, the sight will be re-zero'd for immediate use. We have tested this dozens of times, and you will not lose zero. 

After over 10,000 rounds of testing, various models of Glock pistols, from the largest full power wide framed Glock pistols, to the smallest sub compact Glock 26 style pistols, we never had a malfunction related to the mount or added weight of the red dot sight and mount. In fact.. during our testing, the added reciprocating mass of the sight and SOB optics mount, it only seemed to make the gun more reliable. During specific testing with an older Glock 23, a weak recoil spring was installed, which had problems with failure to go into battery. The spring was used in testing, and the failure to go into battery was resolved as the added mass of the optic and base mount ensured full forward positioning of the slide. We could not find any situation or negative affect, and only seemed to add to the overall reliability of the pistol

Will not cause holstering problems - The position of the sight mount, on the far top/rear position of the pistol, does not affect holstering or carrying of the pistol. We have not found a single holster that is affected by the addition of our Red Dot Optic mount. Traditional holsters, even drop-leg holsters, simply do not use that area of the slide to secure the pistol. 

** Any red dot or reflex sights show, are sold separately, or, from any online retail store.
** Vortex Venom red dot sight Sold Separately, or you can purchase from any online retailer.

This red dot optic mount, fits all models of Burris Fastfire II and III, as well as Vortex Venom / Vortex Viper red dot holographic sights, Insight and EoTech MRDS and many more. No adjustment necessary. Install, remove, re-stall and it will hold Zero with little or no adjustment necessary.

Note: When selecting your Glock red dot sight mount style, Narrow slide and Wide slide model selection is as follows:
Wide slide Glock models are as follows:

SOB Optic Mount base plate fits the following sights:

Burris Fastfire II and Burris Fastfire III
Vortex Venom or Viper
Primary Arms

--this list will be updated periodically as more information is obtained.|

IMPORTANT MESSAGE REGARDING GLOCK GEN 5 MODELS: This will NOT fit the Glock GEN 5 pistols.  We do not state this will fit the Gen 5 Glock and have been unable to verify, as we are currently located in California. This state will not allow us to purchase a GEN 5 Glock, so we could not verify. We are currently moving 3200 miles away, in a personal and business quest for freedom. This has caused delay on release of new models, but good things coming soon for us here at JT Defense. New model Gen 5 optic mount will have a new webpage coming soon. Do not order this model, as it fits Gen 1, 2, 3 and 4 Glock Wide or Narrow (your selection) only. NEW GEN 5 Glock Optic Mount will be released very soon. Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook for the latest updates. Thanks, JT Defense.

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Wide Slide fits Glock models 20, 21, 29, 30, 37, 38, 39, 40
Narrow Slide models: Glock Models 17, 19, 22, 23, 25, 26, 27, 28, 30s, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 41

Price: $99.95
Weight: 3 oz
Dimensions: 2.1 in × 1.1 in × 0.135 in
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