Springfield XD Grips for subcompact pistols

Precision-cut grips for the Springfield Armory XD Subcompact line of pistols, these grips are easy to install, easy to remove, and provide a number of benefits. Gripping the gun is easier, which means less of a chance of slipping in your hands.

The adhesive sand paper, allows the shooter, to get a firm grip on the smooth plastic frame, and enabled the shooter to fully focus on the target and where to put the bullet, instead of focusing on how hard they are grasping the pistol. Very popular with competitors and target shooters, instant increases of target grouping and increased accuracy are common, and shooters who were just not hitting the target where they wanted, suddenly showed rapid improvement by simply adding the grip tape. Recoil flinch is radically reduced in most shooters, which is a huge benefit, especially for snappy calibers in the Springrield XD, such as 40 and 45 caliber XDs. The adhesive grips also add confidence, and ability to rapidly draw from holster when shooting targets.

The Springfield XD sub compact grips, also come with additional thumb tabs, and 2 free magazine grip extension covers in your color of choice. We maximize the amount of material, and add extra pieces to all our grip products when we can, giving the shooter more tape features than all our competitors.

The complete wrap around design, wraps the entire grip surface with tape, and overlaps, leaving no seams and no areas to peel. Our firm adhesive tape, enables you to install the grips onto your Springfield in minutes. Ensure the grip area is completely clean, and make sure that you use alcohol (not acetone or any solvents or cleaners that will potentially deform plastic of polymer) to heavily clean the entire surface areas, and any small grooves or details where the grips collect oil and particles. Simply wrapping around and forming to the grip surface area, along with heating with a heat gun, blow dryer or other heat source. 
Do not get the gun's polymer too close to the heat source. It is recommended you do not heat the grip area over 150-160 degrees while installing the grips. 

JT Defense's installation instructions are included with the grip tape and all adhesive decals.

Price: $17.95
Weight: 5 oz
Dimensions: 6 in × 4 in × 0.5 in