Grips for Ruger SR9C model Pistols in multiple colors

The Ruger SR9C grips , available in all colors plus licensed mossy oak camo, are the biggest bang for your buck . The fit, feel, texture and appearance gives the Ruger a much more aggressive grip than the standard plastic grip provided. Cutouts on the back of the Ruger allow an untextured area to allow for changing the back strap on the gun.

We can make the precision laser cut grips for the Ruger SR9C in multiple colors. We have them available in Blue, Green, Camo, Pink, Black Granule or black rubberized (best for Concealed Carry).

As with all other Grips, the best add-on accessory for your Ruger SR9C, are a set of our grips. Custom designed, we have created the best seamless designed grips on the market. The grips wrap perfectly around your pistol, leaving no seams that will snag or catch, lifting and peeling. Our adhesives are very strong. We have tested these same grips on the Ruger SR9C, and dipped the gun in water, cleaning solvent and over a year of use on this same gun shown in the photo. After months of torture and daily carry, the grips are still in excellent condition, without any signs of peeling.

If you order these grips, we are now including 2 free Magazine grip extenions for the Ruger SR9C. We had some extra room left on the tape area while cutting, so we designed 2 perfect magazine extensions, giving your pinky finger a home if you need it.

For detailed installation instructions, please see our instructions for installing the JT Defense adhesive grips below:

Installing grips on your Ruger SR9C

Price: $17.95
Weight: 2 oz
Dimensions: 6 in × 4 in × 0.5 in
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