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UPDATE - 9-16-21 - Mounts are here. After a long delay in plating and manufacturing, we are constantly engraving, packing and shipping now. If you have an order in our system, we will be shipping this week, throughout next week. Thank you for your patience. PLEASE VERIFY YOU HAVE THE CORRECT MOUNT WHEN ORDERING.
JT Defense HAS BEEN INUNDATED WITH ORDERS DUE TO COVID-19 AND WE ARE CURRENTLY EXPERIENCING SHIPPING DELAYS OF 1-3 WEEKS. LIMITED QUANTITY OF MOUNTS ARE IN STOCK NOW!. If you cannot be patient and wait for a mount, PLEASE DO NOT order from us, or wait  until this MASSIVE rush on orders is over with. We have always supplied our customers with instant product, quick turnaround times and deliver our quality mounts and grips as we can.. but this recent surge in the market, has inundated us beyond capacity and most of the wait times are based on turnaround time from our Plating and double-anodizing process. Thank you so much for your understanding.

JT Defense is a North Carolina based firearms engineering company, specializing in tactical accessories for your firearms. Headquartered in Rocky Point, NC. Located north of Wilmington NC, in a small town atmosphere, we provide small town style service coupled with carefully designed and developed, top of the line accessories.
We are capable of custom CNC machined firearms solutions, Carbon Fiber manufacturing and design, Laser CNC tools, plastic and plastic forming and even micro CNC platform for development or fabrication of small gun related parts.
We are capable of full tempered and kiln processes and have the ability of full production of any CNC steel, aluminum, plastic or MIM parts.

CONTACT US: For instant support, please use the online chat support found in the lower right hand corner of the web page below. DO NOT USE OUR contact page to send us an email. Even with Spam bot protection, as it goes into a box, loaded with endless Russian Bot spam. We are working to fix this issue. If of "Send Message" box shows "Offline", please use the chat scrip anyway and please make sure to include your name and email address, and your phone # if you wish to be contacted by phone. You can also email us, but with us moving, we are a bit slow on email at the moment. 

ALL GUN RELATED COMPANIES. WE HAVE A NEW PHONE #. PLEASE NOTE IT. Please understand however, with us moving 3,177 miles each way, please understand that we are so busy trying to urgently move. We are running 2 months behind now, because we have stayed to assist our customers.. We have now put ourselves into a bind and sincerely need to move. We still maintain a location in California, which we continue to produce and produce parts, anodize, engrave, package and ship. We still ship out via USPS every day as well.

For development information or contract manufacturing, please email us at JTDEFENSEINC (@) GMAIL ( . com ). or contact our sales department at admin(@)jtdefense.com

To contact us by telephone, please call us direct at - (828) 358-5596


After 43,000 miles, 14 trips across the US, clearing out our entire California offices, JT Defense has relocated!
A HUGE thank you, to our customers, who've been amazingly patient, even going so far as to congratulate us on our move, we have finally arrived at our new location on the BEAUTIFUL North Carolina coast! 

After over 4 decades of residing in California, the state has sadly created gun laws, which make it nearly impossible to continue operating a gun part manufacturing company. We look forward to opening up our new operations in North Carolina, moving forward for the future and expanding JT Defense into our original vision for the company, which sadly, all hopes for this original vision were shattered by a tyrannical government in this state, which makes makes businesses like our's impossible to operate within the borders of our state. 

We sincerely hate to move from our home state, and we fought the battle non-stop, thinking that California would not step on our 2nd amendment. This state no longer belongs to the United States, but has been taken over by a semi-socialistic regime, who treats any individual or business such as ourselves and anyone who supports our 2nd amendment, as criminals. 
California's final "Gunpocalyse" which turned law-abiding citizens, into felons, on January 1st, 2017, along with more deep wounds starting January 1st, 2018, made so many law abiding gun owners in the state of California, into straight-up felons, without a grandfather clause allowing for the legal possession of previously owned firearms. This is not only against the United States' Constitution but violates Ex Post Facto law in our Constitution. For most gun companies, which still reside in California and doing business, we wish you luck. Sincerely, we do. We also wish the law-abiding citizens in California the best of luck. We have been there, we have fought relentlessly, but we will be of zero use to anyone when we can't keep producing our high quality parts, and find ourselves locked in jail.
California has denied our ability to obtain or maintain any type of manufacturing FFL, which JT Defense will need to move forward in the future. We have essentially been forced out, legally, or face punishment as California modifies it's gun laws. It's like playing Monopoly with a spoiled 5 year old. If you want to be the thimble and the 5 year old also wants to be the thimble, they don't choose the dog and move on. Instead, they flip the entire Monopoly board over and throw the dice across the room.
With the California Department of Justice, now arresting gun store owners, for complying with a court order we made a corporate decision for our family and our company to remain in the free United States, in a state which is still part of the US and respects individual rights and the 2nd Amendment.

JT Defense is currently working on patents, designs and some exciting new items for the industry. Our grips are a promotional item and can be custom branded and fit to literally any firearm. We are inviting resellers for our grip products as they are new to the market. If you're interested in Samples, submit your request by email to us on a company letterhead by email or fax at (707) 725-8664. We do not send out sample grip products to individuals. 
Exciting new product lines will be released soon. We are currently waiting for patent office to give us the go-ahead on release. Check back often.. we have a lot going on.