New Article on Mounting or Installing a Red Dot optic to your Glock Pistol - added

Welcome to JT Defense -  We are an innovator in the firearm industry, and produce custom designed, very innovative products for the shooter. You will find a host of firearms accessories, including our new patent pending Red Dot Optic Mount, the JT Defense custom made, 3d wrapped and laser cut Gun Grips, as well as a soon to be released, very significant patent in the firearms industry. 2 years of development have allowed us to make a part, soon to be released, that is a major breakthrough in site technology for your handgun. If you're a hunter, competitor, or just a hobbiest that wants the best gadget on their firearm, you will be excited to see our new complete replacement trigger system in development for Glock pistols.
If you are a reseller, or in the gun market and have an idea you would like to see brought to market, please contact us through our contact page, and let us know how our design team can assist. Our CNC Machines are waiting to start spitting out your ideas!
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